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A fun session, held Wednesday morning. Peter Donnellan directing. The club decorations looking fabulous, and our youth team from Italy joined us during their christmas break from University. This was a celebration of our youth Birgde program, and with a lot of people away, we were still able to manage 10 1/2 tables. After the game, the festive spread was fabulous, and included soups, cheese, chilli, ham, smoked salmon, sandwiches, and also lots of scrumptious cookies and a special cholcolate cake!! Thanks from us all for those putting together the game, and most of all the delictables afterwards. 

Saltus Grammar School said that its school has “made history as Bermuda’s first ever youth team to attend a bridge world championship.”Saltus Bermuda August 18 2016

Liam Peniston, Ruskin Cave, Tyler Irby and Gianluca Cacace. Photo by Michael Viotti

Michael Viotti, a physics teacher at Saltus, led a team of four students to the World Bridge Federation’s Youth Team Championships in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy from August 3 to 13.   The team included recent Saltus graduates: Tyler Irby, Gianluca Cacace, Liam Peniston and Ruskin Cave. John Burville, a seasoned international player from Bermuda, also attended as the team’s non-playing captain.

The first Youth Bridge Event took place at the club on Thursday Afternoon 4th June.  12 Saltus students participated, three tables with Peter Donnellan as the director.  The plan was to run 5 rounds of 3 boards from 1:15pm to 4pm. However, we started at 1:30pm, and play was a little slower than expected, so we ended at 4pm with 12 boards completed.

There was a tie for first place, and the winners were Gianluca Cacace with Tyler Irby and Blair Blakeney with Kaya Vogler (same sequence as picture below). Congratulations to the winners.

All the students were very enthusiastic, and enjoyed being at the club.  Several of the students asked when they might come down to play, and we were encouraging them to come on a Tuesday. If you see any students at the club, please make them feel welcome, and offer them assistance.

John Burville

Unit 198 sponsored a youth team of four Saltus School students to go to play at the North American Bridge Championships in Chicago this August.  The team have been doing very well.