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"Bridge in Schools" classes are up and running on Tuesday lunch time at Warwick on Teams - great to see them playing in these not so ideal times.

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The ACBL recently held a Youth Event, the “Red Point Youth Valentine Pairs” on Saturday February 13th. Daque Davis, and Ahzjanai Smith played in that event. There were 7 tables. Daque and Ahzjanai came second east west with a 62% game. A wonderful result, as some of the pairs are very strong. 

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Bermuda team: in Las Vegas were Daniel MacPhee, left, Kirsty Pollett, Ethan Lacey, Charles Boisvert, Charlotte Emery-King, Katiah Rogers (front), Scott Gilbertson (back), Andrew Tobin, Shane Krueger, Salayah Stange (front), Katarina Rance, Ross Cooper, Maximilian Santiago, Drew Smith, Gabriella Quinn-Serera (front), Ahzjanai Smith Najmah Sillah, Finn Moseley, Michael Skinner (Front), Brett Baumgartner (back), Zahra Wilson front), Gareth Cooper (back), Daque Davis.

24 students, from eight local schools, went to Las Vegas to represent Bermuda in the Youth NABC August 24-27th.There was a record number of tables at the tournament, with 320 tables in play over the three days. The Bermuda group was the second largest at the event and represented close to 10 per cent of the total number of youth each day.  The results were good, and remarkably every one of the 24 Bermuda players had a good section result. (see the results section at the end of this article).

The trip was clearly a great success, and John Burville and his team deserve thanks and great credit for organising this. It involved dealing with the students and their parents — no easy task — and it seems the parental support was huge. 

The chaperones for the trip were John Burville, Mike Viotti (Saltus), Kalreta Conyers-Steede (CedarBridge), and Fee Saunderson (Warwick). Seven of the parents attended.  Some of the feedback from the parents clearly shows that they thought the trip was a huge success!

As always, thanks to the invaluable sponsors, which included AIG, Judy and Kirk Kitson, some members of the Bridge club and some private donors.


Las Vegas YNABC results

Thursday morning Pairs

1st in C Katarina Rance (BHS) and Salayah Stange (BHS)

2nd in C Maximilian Santiago (Saltus), Gareth Cooper (Saltus)

Afternoon Swiss Teams

1st in C Andrew Tobin (Warwick), Ethan Lacey (Warwick), Katiah Rogers (Somersfield), Zahra Wilson (Berkeley)

2nd in C Ross Cooper (Saltus), Scott Gilbertson (Saltus) Kirsty Pollett (Warwick) and Charlotte Emery-King (UK-Oundle)

Friday - Consolation Pairs

3rd in C Maximilian Santiago (Saltus), Gareth Cooper (Saltus)

Friday - Cardbrook Pairs

5th in A Daque Davis (CedarBridge), Michae Skinner (CedarBridge)

Saturday - Afternoon Youth Pairs

2nd B Maximilian Santiago (Saltus), Gareth Cooper (Saltus)

1st C (3rd B) Charles Boivert (Warwick), Daniel Macphee (Warwick) 

4th B Brett Baumgartner (Saltus), Shane Krueger (Saltus)

3rd C Gabriella Quinn-Serera (BHS), Sydney Daponte (BHS)



A Youth Bridge/Minibridge tournament was held at the club on Sunday December 8th, with 22 participants all playing together. As always the club volunteer support was excellent - Lisa Burland gathered volunteers and arranged for members to provide refreshments (drinks and food) for all the students. The winners were:

1st N/S Shane Krueger/Brett Baumgartner
1st E/W Katarina Rance/Andrew Tobin
1st N/S Sebastian Grob/Simas Babeckas
1st E/W Joanna Santiago/Aimerie Doyon

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(left to right Sebastian Grob, Simas Babeckas, John Burville, Joanna Santiago, Aimaerie Doyon, Katarina Rance, Andrew Tobin, Brett Baumgartner, Shane Krueger)

Everyone had a great time. The event was really an introduction for the new players to see how bridge competitions were played, and for them to meet more students from other schools.    We will be holding our usual mini bridge event at the Fairmont Southampton on the Sunday afternoon at the regional, at which time, we will be gaining interest for our sponsored trip to Montreal next July (22-26th). 
Thanks to all our sponsors, and volunteers without whom the Youth Bridge development would not be possible.

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