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The Youth Tournament started on Thursday 27th July.  During the tournament, the students played in Pairs and Teams session with all students getting a good feel for playing bridge at an international tournament.  A great result for us is any pair getting close to or above 50%.  Special mention goes to Zahra for showing great sportsmanship when she allowed a young player to take back a revoke, and that cost her and her partner getting 2nd in her section, and 1st in B in the section! Well done Zahra!!
Our special results were:


Session 1: Thursday 27th July - Morning - Youth Pairs:

Amaury Majors and Mical Hardtman 51.52% 3rd in A and B, and 2nd in C

IMG 9326

Robert Thomas and Denzel Johnston 49.83%
 IMG 9296


Session 2: Thursday 27th July - Afternoon - Youth Teams: 

 4 teams entered from Bermuda and the team of Charlotte King, Adeline Young, Ross Cooper & Scott Gilbertson placed 4th in C with 23VIPS - Congratualtions!

IMG 9319

Session 3: Friday 28th July - Morning - Qualifying Baron Barclay National Youth Pairs.  

Charlotte Emery-King and Adeline Young 51.75% 
Jinairo Johnson and Jaseehim Smith 48.38%
Shane Krueger, and Katarina Rance 42.48%

Charlotte King and Adeline Young came 27th, and qualified for next round in main event by scoring over 50%:

IMG 9310


Session 4: Friday 28th July - Afternoon.  Consolation Open Pairs.

Jinairo Johnson and Jaseehim Smith 43.98%
Robert Thomas and Denzel Johnston 46.11% 1st in C, and 2nd in B.
Amaury Majors and Mical Hardtman 49.03%
Caleb Simmons, and Casey Hardtman 46.84%
Zahra Wilson, and Lejaun Matthews 52.01% 3rd in A, and 2nd in B - and overall placed 4th overall in their section
Ross Cooper, and Scott Gilbertson 51.74% 1st in B!!!!! and 3rd in A, and overall 5th in B.

Robert Thomas & Denzel Johnston came first in C! (getting a trophy!)

IMG 9269

 Zahra Wilson & Lejaun Matthews who came 4th overall in their section, and second in B and third in A with a 52% game.

This could have been 2nd in the section, and 1st in B if Zahra had not shown great sportsmanship by allowing a player to take back a revoke!!!! Well done Zahra, we are proud of you.

IMG 9303



Session 5 and Sessions 6 - Saturday 29th July - Morning and Afternoon - 2 session team event, 
Session 5.
Ross Cooper, Scott Gilbertson, Charlotte King, and Adeline Young scored 34VPs, and were placed 22/23rd overall out of 33 teams.
IMG 9319
Session 6. In the consolation teams event, 
Denzel Johnston, Robert Thomas, Shane Krueger, and Katarina Rance scored 39VPs, and were placed 9th out of 14 teams.
IMG 9328