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Mike Viotti has been a valuable member of the Bridge Club.  He embraced the Youth Bridge at Saltus, and ensured that we had a steady flow of students into the club. It was 4 of his students that took the first youth trip to Chicago YNABC in 2015, and he was also instrumental in getting those 4 students to be the first Bermuda youth team in a WBF world teams event.  It is thanks to Mike that the Youth Bridge has been able to grow so well.

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As a Bridge player, Mike started learning at the same time as the youths at Saltus. However, he rapidly developed his Bridge skills, and can now teach Bridge very effectively.  His personal development has been spectacular. In a few years, he has won several club events including the Non-Life Masters twice with Kathy Keane. My partnership with him has been very enjoyable, as he is willing and capable to learn and understand new conventions very quickly. His bidding and card play are at a very high level. I know many other players and members of the Bridge club will attest to his enthusiasm, skills, and being a very amenable partner.

He will be missed by many.

John Burville