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Bill Tucker was an excellent Bridge Player with a tremendous knowledge about the game which he took very seriously.

During his long love affair with the game, he not only represented Bermuda Internationally in the 1960’s, but also, after he returned to Bermuda in the 1990’s and 2000’s.  In the interim he played extensively in Toronto (where he acquired the nickname “Jolly Green Giant", or just "Jolly"), and for a brief period in the Fort Lauderdale area of Florida.

Bill was a player with a thunderous whisper - if he whispered to you after you bid or played a hand, just how it should have been done, the whole room heard him.

For all his thunder, Bill had a Heart of Gold and was always willing to help other players with all aspects of the game. He willingly played with anyone who showed interest in bridge from upcoming beginners to almighty experts – and generally did well no matter what level that player was at.

Two things we will always remember Bill for are: a phone call early the next day which started ”you have this hand…”, and his advise of “taking your time and think” which holds true for life as well as bridge.

It is a sure thing, that when the Bridge Immortals like Culbertson, Belladonna, Reese and Jacoby next gather for their regular bridge game in Heaven, they had better be on their P’s and Q’s because Bill will be looking over their shoulder and telling them just how it should be done.

Bill was a Bridge Champion, he and his knowledge will be sadly missed.

Submitted by Alan Douglas and David Cordon