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effective 1 January 2015

1. Eligibility, qualifying sessions and partnership requirements

a)     All current members of the Bermuda Bridge Club automatically participate in the Senior Player of the Year (SPOY) competition.

b)     Only games played on Monday and Thursday evenings, will count as qualifying games for SPOY, plus any games played on a Wednesday or Friday evening in respect of local ACBL unit championship games.

c)     For the avoidance of doubt, games played on the Monday and Thursday of the Bermuda Regional and Sectional are not qualifying games.  However, any ACBL-wide open game played on a Monday or Thursday will qualify, as will StaC games. Additionally, the Worldwide Bridge Contest game played on a Friday evening will qualify. Any local ACBL unit championship games that are played on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday will also qualify.

d)     The competition will commence on the 1st January and will conclude on the evening before the Bermuda Bridge Club Christmas party.

e)     It is not required that a player’s partner be a member of the Bermuda Bridge Club.

f)       In order to be eligible to win SPOY, a player must win masterpoints with a minimum of five different partners during the year in qualifying sessions. A player scoring masterpoints in an individual game will be deemed to have won points with one additional partner.


2. Scoring Masterpoints

a)     A player’s masterpoint award will be that indicated by ACBL score, including bonuses granted owing to the event‘s rating as a STaC game, club championship etc. Any additional masterpoint awards in STaC games for placing in the area beyond the Bermuda Bridge Club, will not count towards SPOY.

b)     Subject to the rules and regulations of this competition, the player scoring the most masterpoints will be declared the SPOY. In the event of a tie, the title will be shared.


3. Tournament Director

Any disputes shall be referred to the Tournament Director whose decision shall be final. At any time the Tournament Director may delegate his responsibilities under these rules to any other member of the Bermuda Bridge Club management committee.