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The Bermuda Team Trials were held in four sessions over the 4th and 5th October.  Jack Rhind was the Director in Charge and was assisted by Rachael Gosling. The scoring was by Average IMPS which was in line with the fact that these are Team Trials and therefore successful team strategy was an important part of the contest.

The contestants were: Janice Trott and Pat Hayward; Judy Bussell and Stephanie Kyme; Diana Diel and Lynn O'Neill; Magda Farag and Sheena Rayner; Alan Douglas and John Burville; Russ Craft and Paul Thompson; Gertie Barker and Jane Smith.

There were a number of huge swings during the course of the weekend with the leaders changing several times. After a closely fought and intense 4 sessions the following 3 pairs were the winners and will represent Bermuda at the CACBF games in May 2015 are: Alan Douglas and John Burville 62.50 IMPS; Judy Bussell and Stephanie Kyme 31.00 IMPS; Diana Diel and Lynn O'Neill 6.00 IMPS.

The fourth placed pair were Gertie Barker and Jane Smith who will be the first alternate pair to be chosen should any pair have to drop out of the CACBF trials.

The trials were played in a most sportsmanlike manner with few director calls and no contentious incidents. Our congratulations go to all the players for their conduct, stamina and willingness to participate. Our thanks go to Jack as usual, for his willingness to direct and organise the game.

ACBL Board of Governors