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At the Wednesday morning game 10th February 2016, the club said a sad farewell to Russ Craft.
Russ came to the Club some 10 or more years ago.  He had, like many of us, learned bridge many years earlier but was new to the duplicate game.  
Over the succeeding years, he has made a big contribution, particularly as a Director.   He has been a stalwart in running our daytime games - taking more than his fair share.  He made it his business to get on top of the technology - and has been a great help to other directors in untangling problems with the computer.  Knowledgeable about the Rules, Russ has been an asset in helping deal with trickier calls.  He has been a great supporter of the Club, playing at most of the Open games through each and every week - indeed coming towards the end of last year, he was well ahead as the leading contender for the Daytime Player prize  but had to head off to Florida when his mother sadly became ill and subsequently passed away.
He has also contributed as Secretary and Recorder on the Unit 198 Committee - as Recorder having to quietly manage some of the most sensitive and difficult issues we have to resolve.
Russ is moving to St Petersburg - Florida, not Russia - and Dee will be following him in a few months time, but we look forward to seeing him again as an occasional visitor to the Club and hopefully at the Sectlional or Regional
We wish him well, and thank him for his contribution.
John Burville