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Club Championships

Congratulations to the winning team of Vera Petty, Roman Smolski, Bill Tucker, Marge Way and David & Sally Sykes, who triumphed in the Open Teams Championship held on 10th and 14th May .

A total of 12 teams competed over the two sessions and each team played eight seven-board matches. After the first session, the Petty team were leading by 18 Victory Points ahead of Alan Douglas, John Burville, Elizabeth McKee & John Glynn and they maintained this lead in the second session to finish with 119 VP ahead of the Douglas team on 104 VP. Close behind, in third place, were Rachael Gosling, Craig Hutton, Steve Cosham & Cliff Alison on 102 VP. Many thanks to Jack Rhind who organised the game and directed, and to Roman for his assistance on the Monday evening.