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Congratulations to all the prizewinners at the 2017 Sectional:

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Diana Diel receives The Robert Todd Trophy for the most masterpoints earned in the Sectional.  

Friday Afternoon and Monday Afternoon combined:

  • A:   Tony Saunders and Jean Johnson
  • B  and C:  George Correia
  • 99er:  Pat and Barbara Cerra

Friday Evening and Monday Evening combined:

  • A:  Elizabeth McKee and Diana Diel
  • B:  Judy King
  • C:  Martha Ferguson
  • 99er :  John Luebkermann

Saturday games combined:

  • A:  Diana Diel
  • B:  Lynanne Bolton and Peter Donnellan
  • C:  Kathy Keane and Donna Leitch
  • 99er:  Michael and Heather Farrugia

Sunday Teams:

  • A:  John Burville, David Cordon, Jean Johnson, Julia Lunn
  • B:  Julia Beach, Lynanne Bolton, Russ Craft, Peter Donnellan
  • C:  Pat Cerra, Jaime and Marsha Fraser, Richard Hall